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Crane Technologies To Be Made Available To Public


Photo: Timothy Deem(Flickr)

A business group in Evansville is partnering with NSWC Crane.

A new initiative by the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center will make some of its declassified technologies available to Southern Indiana.

Crane has partnered with Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville (GAGE) to create a transfer agreement that allows southern Indiana businesses to purchase some of Crane’s technology and equipment.

Crane Tech Engagement Officer John Dement says the partnership allows the sale of some items previously off limits.

“They vary all the way from software coating to material type technologies, to alarms, to weapons, explosives, everything in between. It’s really a whole spread of technologies that covers our involvement in electronic warfare.”

Dement says Crane has similar agreements in Monroe County.

“Just in the Bloomington area we have a Partnership Intermediary Agreement with both Indiana University as well as the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation to help small businesses and universities get access to that technology,” he says.

Dement says it’s standard practice for federal agencies to make previously classified assets available for sale to the public after some amount of time has elapsed.

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