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Court Ruling On Arizona Immigration Law Could Impact Indiana

Supreme Court protestors

Photo: Talk Radio News Service (Flickr)

Protestors of Arizona's immigration law demonstrate outside the U.S. Supreme Cort.

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday struck down portions of a controversial Arizona immigration law. Indiana passed its own measure last year aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration, and that law is currently under review in federal court.

Two parts of the statute – outlawing consular identification cards and allowing police to arrest people who have been issued a notice of action by federal immigration authorities – have been temporarily suspended by a federal judge.

State Attorney General Greg Zoeller says the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Arizona statute provides guidance to Indiana in dealing with the relationship between the federal and state governments over immigration law.

“The failure of Congress to reform our immigration statutes has put states in the difficult position of seeking this guidance from the judicial branch,” Zoeller says.

The American Civil Liberties Union is leading one of the challenges to Indiana’s law. ACLU-Indiana Executive Director Ken Falk says Monday’s ruling will have a positive impact on his group’s attempts.

“The U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed the fact that immigration and that area is exclusively within the control of the federal government,” he says.

Zoeller says his office will review the ruling and advise the legislature of any changes needed to Indiana’s law.

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