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Court Denies State Plan To Buy And Resell Gas

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Photo: Christa Lohman (Flickr)

The Rockport plant has sparked controversy among consumers and state officials.

The Indiana Court of Appeals says no to the coal gasification deal that could leave natural gas ratepayers holding the ball.

Under that contract with the plant‘s developer, the state would buy gas produced by the new plant in Rockport and resell it. If that resale did not come at a profit, gas customers would make up the difference on their monthly bills.

In a prepared statement, Indiana Gasification Project Director Mark Lubbers expresses pleasure with “95 percent of the court opinion.” He says the project sees “a clear path to resolving the technical issue” identified by the court.

For a look at the history of the plant and catch up on the controversy, read WFIU/WTIU’s previous report.

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