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Monroe County Health Clinic Proposed, Officials Argue Cost Savings

Monroe County Councilwoman Julie Thomas

Photo: Regan McCarthy/ WFIU

Monroe County Councilwoman Julie Thomas speaks during a meeting in this undated photo.

Officials say a county health clinic could provide savings for both employees and the county’s bottom line. The clinic would offer regular appointments with a board certified physician for county employees and their families and officials hope the clinic will even have a small pharmacy with no co-pays required.

Human Resources Director Rhonda Foster said employees will also have the chance to meet with a nurse practitioner who will act as health coach helping employees to set wellness goals.

“Right now what we’re looking at is being able to enhance the hope-pays, that’s our wellness program, so if the employees are working to meet their objectives and their goals there would be some type of benefit. It would be an enhancement or there may be some monetary benefit if they do meet those objectives and goals,” Foster said.

Foster said she thinks the clinic would reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism—those are instances in which employees come to work but feel so poorly they get very little done. Employees will also be allowed to visit the health clinic while staying on the clock.

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