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County Council Candidate Sophia Travis Dies

sophia travis

Photo: File Photo

Sophia Travis died unexpectedly Wednesday.

Monroe County Council At-large candidate Sophia Travis, 46, died unexpectedly Wednesday night around 11 p.m. from a previously undiagnosed heart condition, County Council member Geoff McKim confirms.

McKim says Travis had been undergoing tests for heart problems, but had heard from the candidate that doctors had ruled out what he called “the most scary options.”

McKim says he spoke with the candidate’s husband, Greg Travis, whom Sophia leaves behind, along with a three-year-old son.

Travis, who was a musician and active community member, previously served one term on the Monroe County Council from 2005-2009.

McKim says Travis was one of the people who encouraged him to run for his seat. He assumed a spot on the council just as Travis was stepping away from it.

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