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Governor’s Aide’s Pre-marked Ballot Was A Mistake

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Photo: Carmen Huff/WFIU News

The Marion County clerk's office says the ballot mistake is not a widespread problem.

Marion county election officials say an incident in which an aide to Governor Daniels received an already-marked ballot was an honest mistake. Republican party leaders say Daniels’ legislative director Lawren Mills received a ballot with the oval already filled in for the straight democratic ticket when she arrived at her precinct to vote.

Marion County Clerk Beth White says the pre-marked ballot was an honest mistake.

“The clerk at the precinct marked her own ballot where she would be voting, and then set it aside and forgot to put it in the machine,” she says. “So instead of voting it, she handed it to another voter. It was an isolated incident; the workers are assured it is not a widespread problem.”

Marion County Republican Chairman Kyle Walker says there have been no similar incidents reported, but says voters should be on the alert. The flap comes a day after an election board meeting at which white questioned whether Republicans were behind a phone call directing a democratic voter to the wrong polling place.

Walker says it turned out to be the Democratic Party which placed the call, and the polling place would have been correct if the voter had not changed his registration. He says the voter registration board failed to clear the old registration from the books.

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