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Counties, Cities Prepare For Statewide Smoking Ban

The statewide smoking ban goes into effect on July 1.

In Monroe County, where a strict smoking ordinance already exists, the new law will still change the way workplaces, businesses, and public places regulate smoking.

Health Department Administrator, Penny Caudill says the state ban requires businesses to add more signs and place restrictions on where smokers can gather.

“Since smoking is not allowed within eight feet of a public entrance, all of the entrances will be required to be marked, stating you can not smoking within eight feet of the doorway.” Caudill says.

Indiana State Excise Police officer Corporal Travis Thickstun, says his department plans on enforcing the law by explaining the requirements to businesses.

“If a violation exist, a number of things could happen. A warning could be issued, or the business could be cited, depending on the circumstances,” he says.

Critics maintain that Indiana’s ban has too many exemptions. Indiana is the 40th state to implement some kind of smoking ban.

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