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Cooking Tips to Enjoy Desserts, Stay Healthy

A few cooking tips could help people enjoy desserts without breaking diets, say health professionals at Union Hospital in Vigo County.

Participant Deborah Vaughn wanted a kick-start to her holiday with some new recipes she can share with family. The different choices are also low in calories and fat.

“I want to kind of cut back on all of the sugar that my husband and I are eating and then trying to maybe lose some weight,” she says.

Education is an important part of diabetes initiative. Jenna Hasenour says Vigo County has a large diabetic population, many of which thought they were not able to enjoy sugary treats.

“We used to tell people that they needed to avoid all sweets and sugars, and that’s not the philosophy that exists anymore,” she says. “So I want to show people how they can still stick within their diet and be healthy while they’re doing it.”

Hasenour says it is important for diabetics to keep blood sugars down, and patients can do this by consuming minimal carbohydrates. Chef Darla Davidson’s secret ingredient allows people to enjoy what they may have avoided in the past.

“The number one thing is Splenda, the sugar substitute. You can substitute that one for one with regular sugar,” she says. “There’s also a brown sugar you can do, and anytime you have recipe using oil, you can substitute applesauce for that oil and take out those added fat and calories, and it won’t affect the structure of the dessert.”

About 346 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. According to the CDC more than 28 percent of Indiana’s population is obese.

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