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Conservation Officers Offer Reward For Poaching Tips


Photo: Indiana Public Media file

Turning in illegal hunters could net some cash this season.

Indiana conservation officers are offering rewards of up to $200 for information which helps them crack down on illegal hunters and poaching in Indiana this season. Lieutenant Bill Brown defines poaching as anything outside of the law when it comes taking an animal and says there are a number of illegal activities which are of particular concern.

“Anybody that you see that shoots from a roadway, any time that you have people out there shooting with illegal firearms or taking too many outside of the bag limit. Only one buck is allowed, so if somebody shoots two bucks that‘s taking it. Spotlighting with a firearm, that‘s illegal,” Brown says.

The hunting of deer and turkey is also illegal after dark, but there are other animals that are legal to hunt at night. Brown says it may be nothing if you hear gunshots at odd hours, but it‘s best to contact the department of natural resources to investigate just to be sure.

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