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Company To Build Rail Transfer Facility Near I-69

rail road

Photo: WFIU/WTIU News

The Indiana Rail Road Company's rail line runs through Odon, near Interstate 69.

The Indiana Rail Road Company plans to build a facility in Odon that will transfer cargo between trains and trucks traveling on Interstate-69.

Companies often ship goods via rail because it is less expensive, but trains must still connect with trucks to get the goods to their final destination. The Indiana Rail Road Company’s new location, which is just three miles from I-69, will help facilitate that transfer.

“Given our route structure, the Odon transload, we see that as our gateway to Southwest Indiana as far as access to I-69,” says Indiana Rail Road Company spokesman Eric Powell.

Powell says only one train currently  travels to Odon each week but rail traffic should increase with demand. The facility will likely be complete by the end of the year to correspond with the opening of I-69’s newest section from Evansville to the Crane naval base.

Ron Arnold, Executive Director of the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation,  says the Indiana Rail Road Company is one of many businesses looking to expand in the county because of its nearness to Highway 50 and I-69.

“I’d say the inquires are probably ten-fold what they were five years ago, and it’s really establishing Daviess County to take advantage of the geographical location,” Arnold says.

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