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Community Leaders Discuss Moving Beyond 9/11

Many community leaders are evaluating the importance of war and the future of terrorism. A program held Friday looked at the correlation between war and moving beyond the boundaries of the U.S. It included excerpts from the late Martin Luther King Jr’ s “River side” speech.

Bloomington Pastor Dennis Laffoon says people should look inward to make things in the country better.

“We must get beyond the boundaries of America, only then will we really begin to see just how much in common we have with our brothers and sisters in humanity,” Laffoon said. “How can we get to a point where we’re not pointing the finger and saying who’s right and who’s wrong, but really begin to deal with some real issues.””

Laffoon hopes leaders pay more attention to people living in poverty since so many efforts and monies continue to fund the war.

Former U.S. representative Lee Hamilton says since the 9/11 attacks, government budgets changed and the Department of Homeland Security was created costing the government $50 billion.

“We have a much tougher job of protecting ourselves because you have a wide spectrum of possible attacks the lone wolf operating by himself, on the other hand major attack 9/11 style and everything in between and now you have the possibility of cyber-attack which fits in that spectrum,” Hamilton said.

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