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Monroe County Commissioners Officially Oppose I-69

Following a Thursday meeting seeking comment on a section of the road near Bloomington, the Monroe County Commissioners have passed a resolution in opposition to Interstate 69.  Commissioner Mark Stoops said the resolution is a tool to make what he feels is the community’s stance official.

“Really what this does is it solidifies opposition to the highway for Marion County, Morgan County and Monroe County on down and I think that’s an important message for [the] Federal Highway [Administration] when they’re reviewing any requests for funding for this highway,” Soops said. “At this point there’s no identified funding source.”

Commissioner Iris Kiesling said she was hesitant to support the measure, which passed unanimously. Kiesling said the resolution was revised to include the council’s opposition to the project’s use of “new terrain.”

“The proposed terrain all the way from Green County follows State Road 45. It’s completely parallel to it and I’d like to see improved roads rather than adding another road and cutting through good timber country,” Kiesling said.

Kiesling said she’s also concerned about increased costs to the county, saying citizens could be forced to pay for such things as increased fire service.

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