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Columbus Hospital To Stop Unnecessary Induced Labors

Administrators at Columbus Regional Hospital will stop parents from scheduling most births starting Saturday.

Though some women do not have the option to control when their baby is born, Columbus Regional Labor and Delivery Nurse Amanda Parker is a proponent of natural child birth. She says because a baby’s brain and respiratory system do not develop until the last few weeks of pregnancy, it is best for mothers to wait to deliver.

Parker says mothers also do not realize the separation required to be able to decide when a baby is born.

“It’s an experience all its own. You’re separated from your baby you’re separated the person that was growing in you for 33-35 weeks and now you have to leave him at the hands of the staff,” Parker says.

Columbus Regional Administrator Margie Campbell says the hospital will partner with the March of Dimes to conduct research on the effects of preterm childbirth across the nation.

“One reason why we would like babies to go to term is the fact that brain development within that five week period 35 to 40 weeks, there’s a tremendous amount of brain development that occurs and also organ development that occurs at that time,” Campbell says.

Campbell says the hospital delivers between 100 and 120 children each month.

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