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Columbus Nixes Planned Roundabouts


Photo: Jeffrey Pardoen

Columbus has decided to nix planned roundabouts.

Columbus officials are incorporating resident’s feedback and making changes to the city’s thoroughfare plan.

Planners in Columbus have removed all 15 roundabouts suggested in the city’s map but they are still included in the text of the thoroughfare plan. That means they still could become a reality down the road. City Engineer, Steve Ruble says they were taken out because roundabouts should be considered the same as any other type of intersection. There was a public open house Tuesday where people studied, questioned, and provided input on the plan.

“We were encouraged from the input that we got at the first public open house,” Ruble said, “and we made some changes based on that commentary that we received. We’re happy we’re moving forward with the plan and the changes that were made given the input that we received.”

A number of changes were made to the plan such as the removal of agricultural sites as the proposed areas for road development. Farmers say roadways can be detrimental to their business operations. Ruble says while the farm is still being used as a farm, there will be no roads there. He says that the change was the best idea submitted since the first open house

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