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Columbus Council Considers Banning BB Guns In Public

bb guns

Photo: Jimmy Jenkins/WTIU News

Columbus law enforcement officials display low-powered BB and airsoft guns that resemble higher-powered fire arrms.

The Columbus City Council is considering Tuesday a proposal that would prohibit kids under 18 from firing BB guns within city limits.

It would also ban them from showing BB guns, pellet guns and Airsoft rifles in public, making the law the first of its kind in Indiana.

As previously reported, Columbus law enforcement officials asked the council for clarification of the city’s firearms ordinance. They said the law is clear when it comes to traditional guns, but airsoft guns made to look like handguns, painted matte black, composed of heavy plastic and metal parts have become more popular.

Police say distinguishing between the toy guns and real handguns can be difficult and being forced to do so creates a public safety issue.

Network Indiana contributed to this report.

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