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Coats Promises Help For Economy In Victory Speech

US Capitol

Photo: Greg Palmer (flickr)

Coats promises to help Hoosiers

Dan Coats delivered his victory speech moments ago in Indianapolis. Below are his remarks…

“Thank you all for your strong support and bringing us to a big victory tonight.

We are grateful for your support, your enthusiasm and your generosity. We could not have done it without you.

As Marsha said, watching from the sidelines as to what was happening to our country, we could not stand to sit idly by without getting back in to the arena.

We did so, we did so because we believe that it’s important for the future of our country that each of us – each of us had the opportunity to take the opportunity to get engaged and get our values in front of the people.

This election has been a healthy exercise in democracy because the choice for Hoosiers has been very clear.

Tonight folks, Hoosiers have made their choice.

Hoosiers have every reason to be proud – because, with your help, we have done our part by turning a U.S. Senate seat from one that has fundamentally supported the Obama regime to one that firmly opposes it.

Today our country is going through tough times. Our economy is weak and Hoosiers are out of jobs. And even in times of economic crisis, we also have to remember that we still live in a dangerous world. A world where people want to kill us, take down our economy, and end our way of life.

But the good news is that Americans, and Hoosiers, have always risen to the challenge. And we have risen to the challenge tonight.

As conservatives we believe that America’s best days are ahead.

We also know that it takes strong leadership and the right policies to unleash the can-do spirit of America – to create jobs and hope and prosperity, and to keep Americans safe from harm and wrong.

Getting our country back on track and getting Hoosiers back to work will take more than just saying no. That’s why I have proposed forcing Congressional restraint through earmark reform, through a line-item veto, and through balancing the budget once and for all.

Tonight I want to thank each and every one of you for all the support that you’ve provided us. Financially, from volunteers, to those who made the phone calls and turned out the vote across this state.

I want to thank my dedicated staff, and all the many volunteers who have helped us in the office.

You know, when we first started this in February, those cold days, through the hot summer and into the sunny, cool November, I have been listening to the people of Indiana and I have heard you loud and clear.

From Angola to Evansville, Madison to Hammond, South Bend to Scottsburg, and places in between. I have listened to you.

I thank you for stepping up and speaking up. For caring enough about the future of Indiana and the future of our country to make a statement tonight! Believe me, the country is listening, and the world is watching.

Once again, Indiana is leading the way to change.

Tonight we celebrate, but with tomorrow’s dawn come responsibilities.

For me, the responsibility is you. Because I’ve been chosen by the people of Indiana to stop reckless spending, to fight for our national security, to fight against a government take-over of health care, and to fight for every Indiana job.

And that is exactly what I will do. God willing, God Bless You, God Bless America, God Bless the great State of Indiana.”

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