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City Officials Searching for Park Ambassadors

Dan Enright and his daughter try to make it to Bryan Park every day.

“If we don’t make it, we make it twice the next day,” Enright said.

Bloomington’s Park and Recreation Department hopes the Enright family and others will benefit from their new park ambassador program.

Kim Ecenbargar, Special Services Coordinator for the City, said the ambassadors will “all be volunteers who just want to be good stewards in their community.”

Nine of Bloomington’s 33 parks will have their own ambassador to report back to the city on safety concerns like faulty equipment, fallen trees, light outages, and suspicious activity. Curbing vandalism is another goal of the park ambassador program.

The ambassadors will be “another set of eyes for the city,” Ecenbargar said. “For example, if there’s a basketball court that doesn’t have a net, or if there is a bathroom that’s not working, or if there’s a net down at one our tennis courts. Things that we’re not able to get out and observe on a regular weekly basis.”

Those interested in applying to be a park ambassador have until February 11 to apply.

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