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City Celebrates Earth Day at EverGreen Village Grand Opening

City officials celebrated Earth Day with a grand opening of a one of a kind neighborhood. Those funky looking homes southwest of Bloomington are the result of green building.

The project started with a vision from Susie Johnson.

“I looked at the inventory of property the city had and tried to come up with something new and innovative and knew we had this piece of property and had really started to look into some green building principles and just thought this was such a great opportunity. I talked with Mayor Kruzan about it and he said, let’s make it happen.”

Susie is now the Director of Public Works for the city of Bloomington. She says at EverGreen Village, green building benefits more than just the environment.

“These houses are extremely sustainable and were built for low income families and they were designed so that not only can they afford to get into the house, but they are designed so they can stay in the house and that’s what’s important. Can I make the monthly bills and we’re really getting to see how the economy has changed in the last year and being able to afford to pay the electric bill, pay the gas bill. That’s what these houses were built for.”

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