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Charlie White Takes Stand At Recount Commission Hearing


Photo: Flickr

Charlie White

The bulk of Charlie White’s testimony revolved around documents – including mortgage applications, utility bills and leases – that seemed to indicate his residence beginning early in 2010 was on Overview Drive in Fishers…even though he was still registered at a Broadleaf Lane address in May that year.  But White said those documents don’t tell the whole story.

“These boxes, these fields did not incorporate what was going on in my life back then,” said White.

White said his fiance was living in the Overview residence, but he had to have his name on the lease, mortgage applications and most of the utility bills because of her bad credit.  He also said he didn’t actually read his mortgage applications, merely signed them after they were prepared by his mortgage broker.  And his intent…which White’s attorney focused on…was always to establish Overview as his primary residence after he got married, which wasn’t until after the May 2010 primary election.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Secretary of State Charlie White’s attorney repeatedly objected to the questions asked by the opposition.  Attorney Karen Celestino-Horseman represents the Democratic Party in the hearing. While she questioned White on whether he was violating the residency policy when serving on the Fishers town council, White’s attorney Jim Bopp accused Celestino-Horseman of acting outside the boundary of the Recount Commission hearing:

“And furthermore this is obviously prejudiced…if they want to have the prosecutor do discovery, why don’t we just bring him in here because this has nothing to do with his eligibility,” said Bopp.

Recount Commission chair Tom Wheeler overruled the objection, indicating he and the commission wanted to hear White’s answers.  The Recount Commission is expected to announce its decision on White’s eligibility at its June 29th meeting.  Meanwhile White also faces criminal charges in Hamilton County.

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