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Charlie White Sentenced To Home Detention With 6 Felonies

Charlie White


Secretary of State Charlie White was convicted of voter fraud and theft.

A Hamilton County judge Thursday sentenced former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White to one year of home detention after being convicted earlier this month of six criminal counts stemming from voter fraud.

White sought to have the counts classified as misdemeanors, but Judge Steven Nation named them each class D-felonies and sentenced White to one year of home detention, a $1,000 fine and community service.

Reading from a statement White told the  court his actions were unintentional. But in his ruling, Nation disagreed, saying White violated the trust of the people. Special prosecutor John Dowd says the judge’s sentence backs up what the prosecution has been saying.

“Based on what I saw and heard, I saw nothing that suggested to me that he ever accepted responsibility for his conduct or his actions,” Dowd says.

White’s attorney Carl Brizzi, says there is one thing White could probably have done differently to help his cause at sentencing.

“The media comments, I think, are the one thing that you can be a hundred percent certain of that, you know, just courts and prosecutors take that in a way that doesn’t help anybody or anything,” he says.

White’s home detention has been delayed until a judge can hear an appeal of his sentence. Since the felony convictions stood, White was officially removed from his position as secretary of state.

White’s permanent replacement will not be named until the state Supreme Court rules on the appeal of a ruling that would install Vop Osili, the Democratic runner-up in the election.

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