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Integrated Health Care Facility Breaks Ground In Spencer

Spencer Clinic

Photo: Centerstone

An artist rendering of the Centerstone Johnson Nichols integrated health clinic.

Developers are breaking ground on a new health facility in Spencer that aims to integrate both physical and mental health care.

The Spencer Integrated Health Clinicwill merge Spencer’s Centerstone behavioral and mental health facility with the Johnson-Nichols Health Clinic.

Bob Siegmann is the Senior Vice President of Healthcare Integration and Collaboration at Centerstone and he says mental and physical illness often go hand-in-hand. He says treating the two types of illnesses in different facilities means patients sometimes don’t get the care they need. Housing both kinds of treatment in the same building means patients receive more comprehensive, robust care.

“We know that people with severe and persistent men illness like schizophrenia die 25 years younger than the normal population. When you can put physical healthcare right inside the mental health center, you get much better outcomes with these folks,” Siegmann says.

While Centerstone has placed physical clinics in some of its mental health centers, the facility in Spencer is the first truly integrated clinic.

“This is really the first time we’ve been able to set up a free-standing clinic that brings both services together,” Siegmann says.

The $1 million facility is scheduled to open early next year.

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