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Census Data: State’s Young Latino Population Growing Quickly

Hispanic Heritage Event

Photo: Claudia Lozano

Experts say there's a pronounced income and achievement gap between Hispanic Hoosiers and their white counterparts.

The statistics for this year show Hispanics 18 and younger account for nearly 10 percent of the state’s total population, where as those older than 18 account for half that or 5 percent.

Indiana Business Research Center economic analyst Matt Kinghorn says the numbers can be attributed to the group’s birth rate.

“Really, now what we’re seeing is births are really becoming a driver of population growth especially in Hispanics, bigger than immigration,” he says.

And Kinghorn says social indicators show large gaps between the white and minority populations.

“So whether it be income or home owner ship or education attainment, there are large gaps there.”

And he says if services aren’t provided for young people, those gaps will only get worse as the Hispanic population ages.

Daniel Soto with Bloomington’s Latino Program and Outreach Division says Monroe County provides ample services, but that’s not necessarily true elsewhere.

“We receive calls from people from Seymour, from Bedford, from Indianapolis. I get calls from people in Illinois and Ohio,” Soto says.

Soto says while his office tries to help, many times he has to tell people the services they’re looking for aren’t offered in their area.

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