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First Case of White Nose Syndrome Discovered in Indiana


Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service- Northeast Region

White Nose Syndrome has been discovered in Indiana. Officials discovered the infected bats in a cave in Washington County.

Officials say they have discovered the first case of White Nose Syndrome in Indiana. A bat in a southern Indiana cave tested positive for the fungus that causes the disease.

White Nose Syndrome is blamed for the deaths of more than one million bats. State DNR officials say they did expect the disease would likely reach Indiana this year despite their efforts to stop its spread.

The DNR closed all state managed caves two years including Endless Cave in Washington County where the infected bats were found. The disease is transmitted from bat to bat but officials say humans can also carry spores on their clothes as they travel from cave to cave.

There is currently no cure or treatment for White Nose Syndrome. The DNR plans to shift its focus now to understanding and combating the disease.

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