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Carson Discusses Medicare Future With Seniors

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Photo: Dan Goldblatt (WFIU News)

Seniors are worried about the sustainability of the medicare program.

Seniors got the chance to ask questions about Medicare and its future at a forum organized by Indiana Congressman Andre Carson Wednesday.

The concerns of those who attended the town hall meeting at an Indianapolis Baptist church ranged from confusion over Medicare’s various plans and policies to worries about potential cuts to the program. Democrat Congressman Andre Carson and the other local Medicare experts on the panel provided answers and resources as best they could, though they expressed doubt about exactly what the future would bring.

The Republican plan for Medicare, found in Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, shifts the program to a voucher system distributed to individual seniors, allowing them to make their own health care choices. Republicans say their plan, which does cut money to Medicare funding, is the only one currently dealing with the reality that Medicare is going broke.

But Carson’s solution lies not within Medicare, but within defense spending.

“I think we need to get those billions of dollars, topping trillions of dollars now,” he said, “back into our U.S. Treasury and we need to empower those entitlement programs and keep them moving because it’s going to hurt Americans in huge urban centers as well as rural parts of our country.”

Carson says he’s open to some cuts in Medicare, as long as they’re focused on areas of fraud, abuse or excess.

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