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Carson Defends Tea Party Remark

Andre Carson

Photo: Aaron Bernstein/University Communications

Andre Carson speaking at the IU School of Medicine last year.

Indiana congressman Andre Carson says he did not mean to hurt anyone or any group when he recently made controversial comments about Tea Party leaders.

Carson said Tea Party lawmakers would like nothing more than seeing black people “hanging on a tree” at a Congressional Black Caucus event in Miami. He says that his concerns were not about the Tea Party as a whole.

“I want to see that we’re one America,” he said, “white brothers and sisters, black brothers and sisters across the racial spectrum coming together to help create jobs, to help empower small businesses, to help bolster our educational system and move this country forward and reclaim the crown as the greatest nation on earth.”

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, speaking at an event in Georgia, called Carson’s remarks “counterproductive.”

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