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Cardinal Stage Company Expands Staff


Photo: Courtesy: Cardinal Stage Co.

A Cardinal Stage Company production of A Year with Frog and Toad, May 2011.

The local theater company has brought on 4 new board members and a new full-time Director of Marketing and Communications.

Cardinal Stage Artistic Director, Randy White, says the last year has not been easy financially. “You can do two things in hard times,” he says. “You can either restrict and back out or you can keep going forward, and so we made the decision to keep going forward.”

White says that community members play a large role in keeping the arts scene alive in Bloomington. “In my experience, I drive around and see all of these other towns surrounding us, and there’s nothing like the downtown of Bloomington where you can walk at night with your kids where you can see things and there’s restaurants,” he says. “I mean all of these things are what make Bloomington Bloomington and people value that and they want to support that and we benefit from that great desire to make this town into something that is really special.”

This is the last expansion at Cardinal Stage for a while. White does not expect to hire on any more staff for about 4 to 5 years.

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