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Candidates Canvas Indiana Prior to Mid-Term Elections

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Photo: Courtesy: Flickr, "Photowitch"

Candidates are in the home stretch campaigning hard to win over voters in Indiana.

It’s crunch time for both Democrats and Republicans who are busy pleading with Indiana voters prior to the pivotal mid-term elections.  The races in Indiana could help tip the balance of power in Washington.  IUPUI Political Analyst Brian Vargus says that’s one reason why both parties are campaigning heavily in the state.

“They’re trying to make news,” Vargus said.  “They’re speaking.  They’re on the proverbial rubber chicken circuit they’re having a lot of bad meals as they go out and try to convince people to go out and vote for them.  So it’s a very busy time for them.”

Election day is only two weeks away.  Indiana went Democrat for the first time in decades in the presidential race.  Republicans expect to roll back into prominence in the mid-term.

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