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Candidate John Gregg Talks Jobs in Southern Indiana

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg says he plans to bring more jobs to Southern Indiana. Today he toured the Poynter Sheet Metal factory, checking out their new laser cutting machine and speaking with company representatives about their Indiana-based business.

The factory produces sheet metal for automobile manufacture and construction. The company has about 250 employees statewide, and Gregg said he wants to see more job opportunities in businesses like Poynter.

“Everywhere I go in the state, people don’t want to talk about social issues, they don’t want to talk about fussing and fighting—they want to talk about jobs,” Gregg says. “These are good paying jobs. And that’s why we’re here today.”

Gregg also says transportation is part of doing business, and he’s not sure if the current I-69 plan will be the best option for some local companies, even if he supports the idea overall.

Company president Joseph Lansdell says he’s not sure about the plan either.

“We’re 3 miles away from the closest plan exit,” Lansdell says. “As you can tell by the products we build here, they’re quite large. We’re very concerned we’re going to be able to ship from this facility. If we’re not able to ship from here, we may have to leave Bloomington to find a different location.”

Lansdell says the he’s in favor of I-69, but he would like to see the plan revised.

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