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Campus Police Departments Urge Safety As Students Return


Photo: Indiana Public Media

The Indiana University Police Department is offering incoming students tips for staying safe in Bloomington.

As the state’s colleges and universities start their fall semesters, campus security and policy departments are urging students to stay safe while pursuing their studies.

Captain Thomas H. Lee of the Indiana University Police Department says theft is probably the most common crime that impacts students. He says students should record serial numbers for their electronics and computers and keep them in a safe place. He also says it’s important for students to remember to keep dorm rooms, apartments and bedrooms locked when they are not around.

Lee says the other big safety problems he sees with students come from drinking.

“Always be alert, aware of your surroundings,” says Lee. “If you’re going out, plan your route to and from your destination. Go in a group, if at all possible.”

Lee says it’s also good to always let someone know where you’re going and tell them when you plan to return.

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