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Camera Recorded Information About Missing IU Student


Photo: Arnaud 25 (Flickr)

A security camera like this one helped investigators make some headway on the Lauren Spierer case.

An attorney for an acquaintance of Laura Spierer who was with her the night she went missing says there was some sort of altercation inside the lobby of Lauren’s apartment complex just after 2:30 a.m. Friday. The confrontation, at Smallwood Plaza Apartments, was recorded on a surveillance camera, and reportedly involves the man who walked Lauren home.

Lieutenant Bill Parker said the Bloomington Police have conducted polygraph tests with the people who were with Lauren the night she disappeared. “We have spoken to the acquaintances that were with her in going up to the other apartment on 11th, and then the acquaintance that watched her walk away, but I don’t want to [say] what was stated at this point.”

After reviewing the surveillance video, Parker said Lauren was not forced out of the apartment building. More details are expected to surface during today’s morning news conference. Meanwhile, friends of Lauren’s from New York have traveled to Indiana to join the teams of volunteers who are continuing to search the area.

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