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Valentine’s Day Is The Busiest Day Of The Year For Florists


Photo: Kaz Andrew (Flikr)

Rose sales skyrocket on February 14th

Roses are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts and overwhelmingly the most popular flower.  Nearly 200 million roses are produced each year for the holiday.  Mary M’s Flowers is a family owned florist in Bloomington.  Employee Jamie Fox says Valentine’s Day is their busiest day of the year.

“It is total chaos,” Fox said. “There will be a line out the door, through the building, down the sidewalk. We’ll do about 400 deliveries basically in a day. It’s just nuts. We bring in extra help. We have like ten extra delivery drivers, and we had to rent like five to six different vans. It’s crazy.”

The shop has ordered 16,000 roses this year, that’s up from 10,000 a couple years ago.  Fox says as the economy improves so does the flower business.

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