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Bucshon Law Proposes Transportation Cash Use In Emergencies

Indiana Flood

Photo: U.S. Army (Flickr)

The bill would allow transportation funds to be reallocated to emergency relief in the case of floods, tornadoes or other disasters.

Congressman Larry Bucshon, R.-8th,  is proposing legislation to allow states more flexible use of federal transportation funds in an emergency. He says governors need to have the ability to react quickly to their state-specific emergencies with resources that should be already available.

Bucshon’s State Transportation Emergency Flexibility Act would allow a governor to redirect money earmarked for projects such as bike paths, beautification, museums and sidewalks to fix an emergency.

He says when there is an emergency that has been caused by a flood, tornado, hurricane, or wear and tear on a road, states are forced to spend state money, if they have it, or ask for additional funds from the federal government.

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