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Brown County Highway Dept. Advises Drivers To Stay Off Roads


Photo: Jen Waller (Flickr)

Snow covers a road in Brown County.

Clearing the roads of hazardous conditions presents challenges to road crews everywhere but the hillsides of Brown County present unique difficulties.   Brown County Highway Superintendent Smokey Presseau says his county has more than 180 miles of road to cover and only 12 trucks.

“It’s a whole different world out here,” Presseau says.

Crews lay salt and clear snow on the most dangerous sections of road first and then repeat the process again later in the day. Presseau advises motorists to stay in today if they don’t have to go out because it’s tough to fit a plow truck and a car on a 16 foot wide road covered in ice and snow.

“We have these narrow roads and we have these hills and curves and God knows what else,” Presseau says. “It’s hard to do our work because people are blocking our way.”

Presseau says Brown County goes through about 800 tons to 1000 tons of salt each winter.

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