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BPP Theater Makeover Comes In Part From City Grant

Bloomington Playwrights Project Artistic Director Chad Rabinovitz is thrilled to show off his new theatre space. He says what once looked like a CSI crime scene is now completely different.

Concrete floors are now covered with bamboo flooring; white walls encased with dark wood trim. There’s new paint, a brick façade and decorative lighting. The renovated art gallery, box office and bathrooms are just a few of the changes patrons will see when entering the BPP’s Ninth Street location.

Assistant Economic Development Director for the Arts Miah Michaelsen says the City of Bloomington Investment Incentive Fund – which gave cash to the renovation — works by matching funds from individual and corporate donors.

“BPP was looking to make some capital investments in their facility in their hopes to increase their audiences and help strengthen their position as an anchor in the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District, it seemed a fitting way to use the grant program,” Michaelsen says.

BPP officials raised a total of 100-thousand dollars over two years to fund the construction.

Rabinovitz says since the renovation, subscribership has tripled.

“That’s a number when you talk about the downturned economy and people want to pay less for arts, three times the number of people not only come to the shows, but are subscribing and seeing all of our shows,” he says.

Any businesses with capital investments promising to grow employment or provide additional economic opportunities may apply for a grant or loan from the city.

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