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FBI Report Notes Increase in Bloomington’s Crime Rate

An FBI report released yesterday has revealed an increase in Bloomington’s crime rate.

The crimes that showed the biggest increase was robbery, up 72% after a drop of 60% last year, followed by forcible rape up by 42% while violent crime increased by about 37%. Bloomington Police Captain Joe Qualters warned the numbers can be deceiving.

“I think that sometimes statistics can be misleading, I mean if you are looking at a small number to begin with and then you have a relatively small increase sometimes that has a greater percentage increase which is a headline grabber.”

Qualters also said that this increase can be explained by a few individuals that have already been caught, but that up to the point of their arrest could very well be responsible for anything between 20 to 30 crimes that result in a big percentage increase that doesn’t reflect the reality of the community.

Police are increasing their presence downtown, using bicycles and segways, redesigning districts and implementing new routes.

State wide, violent crime was up six tenths of one percent.

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