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Bloomington Resident to Appear on American Idol


Photo: Keelee Leyden

Gotwals made a minor name for himself after appearing on the MTV show "Made" back in 2007.

Jeremy Gotwals says he is currently working on an album and pursuing anything he can to further his music career. Miah Michaelsen, assistant economic development director of arts for the city of Bloomington, says Jeremy has been performing in the community since he was young.

“Bloomington’s a music community, with Jacob’s and all the great venues and the clubs and the independent musicians and Jeremy’s someone we’re so very proud of.” says Michaelsen. “And I think it’s so reflective of our community music scene that’s happening. You know high caliber and high energy and Jeremy really typifies that.”

Gotwals enjoys spreading his music around the IU campus where he attends class when not working or traveling. He is well-known for playing the piano in the Student Union or playing his guitar and singing in the Starbucks on Indiana Avenue. Jeremy says he wants to work around the world and that his career is just beginning.

“Spreading joy, spreading light, spreading laughter, and spreading inspiration. Helping others find the deepest part of themselves and connecting with that and that’s what I do with music.” says Gotwals. “And not just with music but that’s what I do as a performer and that’s what I aim to do in my everyday life.”

Gotwals is thankful for his accomplishments and says no matter where he goes he will always return to his home in Bloomington

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