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Bloomington Project School Starts Year With New Grade

Project School

Photo: Stan Jastrzebski/WFIU

Bloomington's Project School is a charter school in the city's downtown.

With the start of the new school year, the Bloomington Project School has added a ninth grade to their charter school this year.

Originally designed as a K-7 school, the Bloomington Project School Director Daniel Baron said the additional grades became essential.

“We had a group of students and parents who implored us to have a ninth grade program,” he said. “They felt that one or two years in the school made tremendous progress for the kids and their own self-concept, but they really needed another year. So we amended our charter and extended to ninth grade.”

Baron says the partnership that the Bloomington Project School has with the IU High School allows for a more customized curriculum – nine middle school students who completed Algebra One last year are taking Geometry through the high school this year. Baron says another advantage the charter school has is the small student to teacher ratio in the Ninth Grade Academy.

“We have special-ed services,” he said. “We have musical therapy services, we have a full-time teacher, a teacher’s assistant, so there’s a lot of support for a small number of kids who really need the boost or want to accelerate.”

The maximum amount of students accepted in the Ninth Grade Academy is fourteen, and the school has four openings that will close this coming Thursday.

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