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Bloomington Plans Development Of Technology Park

Technology Park

Photo: Yin Xia / WFIU-WTIU News

The city will continue to solicit public input over the next few months.

City of Bloomington officials are asking for input on how to develop 12 acres in downtown’s Technology Park. The city held two workshops Tuesday to gather ideas.

The technology park includes parts of the old Showers complex and other land northwest of the courthouse. It’s certified by the state, which means the city gets to keep some of the state tax revenue it generates to reinvest in the park.

Now city planners hope to develop 12 acres it purchased last year from Indiana University. That land lies in and around the current park and includes the former Indiana University Press building, an old Showers mill building and a grassy plot.

Economic Development director Danise Alano-Martin says the land could be developed into more business space or possibly housing.

“It doesn’t do the city any good to hold on to the property forever. We want that property to turn back into tax rewards,” she says.

Alice Oestrich is a member of Bloomington’s Commission on Aging. She says she hopes the city will consider the needs of senior citizens when making its plans.

“I think multi-generational housing will be the most important factor. And that’s what I’ve spoken to people here today about,” she says.

Alano-Martin says the city will continue to solicit public input over the next few months. A final recommendation is expected in February.

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