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Bloomington Planners Want To Make City More Bike-Friendly

Cascades Trail

Photo: WFIU / WTIU News

The Bloomington Planning Department says encouraging more people to ride and walk will make the city safer.

The Bloomington Planning Department is asking for $11,000 to more aggressively promote bicycle safety and education. The city wants to raise its bicycle friendly rating from Silver to Platinum by 2016.

The League of American Bicyclists rates cities based on ridership and what communities do to promote cycling.

Bloomington Planning Director Tom Micuda says his department will use the money to continue and expand current programs.

“In the area of education, in the area of encouraging bicycling, in the area of putting in infrastructure,” says Micuda. “That all these efforts combined together, would allow us to increase our rating.”

Scott Robinson is the long-range and transportation manager for the city of Bloomington Planning Department. He says Bloomington is a safe place to walk and ride, and encouraging these habits only makes them safer:

“The more people that walk and bike – there’s a decrease actually in their chances to be hurt as opposed to the other way,” says Robinson. “I think sometimes there’s a perception that if more people are walking and biking, you’d have an increase in crashes and it’s actually been demonstrated in other communities that’s not the case – there’s this safety in numbers concept.”

Robinson says the city is planning a bike summit this fall that will take a more comprehensive look at increasing Bloomington’s profile as a bike-friendly community.

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