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Bloomington Officials Support Referendum

voters at the polls

Photo: Kristy (Flickr)

Residents living in the MCCSC district will vote on a referendum this November.

Representatives of both groups gathered this afternoon to officially endorse the issue. They say the referendum is important to the district because it will help schools to compensate for state funding cuts. The referendum will allow the district to collect up to 14 cents on each $100 of assessed property value.

County Council Vice-President Julie Thomas says that since the school funding formula changed back in 2008, schools have been facing problems.

“It really causes a great big problem for our schools as we’ve all seen massive budget cuts, we had a massive fund raising project to raise money for extracurricular activities, we’ll obviously probably could do that again as wonderful as it was, so we really need the voters to step up and say this is something that is important to us, this is the foundation of a strong community and we support it.”

Apart from the impact on the schools and students, Denisa Alano Martin, Bloomington’s director of economic and sustainable development says the recent cuts have hurt the community.

“Not having the referendum pass would mean that if we’re not paying for this education now, we’ll be paying for the consequences later. We won’t be able to attract the type of jobs that our residents need and want, we won’t be able to provide them the personal growth or income growth opportunity that having a strong public school system could.”

Representatives from a number of local unions also plan to announce their support on the referendum tomorrow. The referendum will appear as Public Question Number 2 on the General Election ballot November 2nd.

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