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Bloomington Leaders Remember Cook’s Impact

Bloomington leaders are remembering Bill Cook and the impact he’s had on the city. The medical group founder and philanthropist died Friday at his home following a battle with congestive heart failure.

Flags stand at half-mast in downtown Bloomington – a reminder that the city lost a major visionary business man. Executive Director of Downtown Bloomington Inc. Talisha Coppock said he and his wife Gayle both had a very strong interest in the community.

“He was able to really inspire others to invest in their buildings, invest in special events and celebrations. I think they’ve been involved in nearly 60 buildings in the downtown and restoring them and showing historic preservation is an important thing to do,” said Coppock.

Coppock said Cook wanted to improve the quality of life in Bloomington so he could recruit people to the city to work. That vision grew to become a labor of love.

“You learn a lot about the history of things, but also could look at the future, so it was intertwined of investing into the community.”

The president of Cook said the company plans to continue Bill Cook’s legacy of philanthropy and invest in projects that were important to him.

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