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Parking Meter Vendor To Tour Bloomington Monday

Digital Parking Meter

Photo: pertristis/flickr

Digital parking meters like this one will be installed in downtown Bloomington this summer

Officials from San Diego-based IPS, the company selling the City of Bloomington nearly 1,500 parking meters, will tour the city’s downtown Monday.

The meters will cost the city almost a million dollars up front, with a yearly fee of nearly $100,000 for software and upkeep. That money will be made up, in part, by the dollar-an-hour cost of the meters.

Bloomington Deputy Director of Public Works Andrea Roberts says the city plans an advertising campaign to introduce the meters to the public. The courthouse square and other areas will still be patrolled by the same number of parking enforcement officers as when the spots were not metered, and the city will continue to employ a collection agency to rake in fines from those drivers who exceed their paid time.

The meters also include wireless communication, so they can alert parking officials by text message or e-mail if the meter fails or isn’t working properly.

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