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Bloomington Hardware Store Keeps Busy During Winter Storm

The blizzard that brought more than 10 inches to many parts of the state Wednesday forced residents to local hardware stores to stock up on much needed supplies.

Bloomington Hardware had a “We’re Open” sign in front of the store to let people know they were open for business. Dustin Bowman and his daughter took advantage of the store’s opening. They were snowed in to their house and had to purchase a shovel so they could clear a path in their driveway.

“There’s a lot of snow on the ground, all the way down our front walk and all the way down our driveway,” Bowman says. “We just kind of high stepped our way out.”

Bloomington Hardware Owner Vickie Temple Davison says she has had several maintenance workers and residential customers purchase supplies on Wednesday. One of the main products sold is lubricant to keep moisture from getting into car and house locks.

“As far as the customers that have been coming in, I’ve had people buying, batteries, flashlights, buying lock deicer because this is a really wet snow,” she says.

Thursday temperatures are expected to be in the lower 20s.

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