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Bloomington Creating Android App For Reporting City Problems


Photo: Bill Shaw/WTIU News

The Ureport Phone App sends messages to city officials about problems such as graffiti and potholes.

A mobile application developed earlier this year allows Bloomington residents to report problems such as potholes, trash and graffiti directly to City Hall.

The app is currently available on iPhone, the city is currently working with four Google Code interns to create an Android version.

When users go to the Ureport app, they choose from a list of issues. They can then enter a specific description of the problem and send city officials a picture of the issue they are reporting.

The city’s IT department created the app, and Bloomington IT Director Rick Dietz says it is already become popular with city residents.

“What it really is doing is targeting a different group of people who normally wouldn’t interact with the city,” he says. “They wouldn’t necessarily pick up a phone to call and complain about a pothole. But if they happen to have just driven over it, or if they’re walking by and see a graffiti right there on the spot, the convenience of  it is bringing in a new group of citizens that are engaged with the city that weren’t otherwise before.”

Dietz says the technology should not stop here. While the app has been successful, he hopes in the future, residents will be able to report problems using text messages.

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