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Bloomington Council Debates Permanent Traffic Calmers

Spped Bumps

Photo: Bill Shaw/WTIU New

Permanent speed cushions are being proposed in the Prospect Hills neighborhood.

The Bloomington City Council will vote next week whether to keep speed cushions on West 3rd Street. The council heard public comment Wednesday night. Public Works Director Susie Johnson says in 2009 residents of the Prospect Hill neighborhood petitioned the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program for the installation of traffic calming devices.

“It is a program that is built around the idea that neighbors can affect some traffic changes in their neighborhood,” Johnson says. 

So the city installed speed cushions to see how they affected drivers. Before the cushions were installed the study found drivers were not speeding. Speeds dropped between one and 7 mph after the cushions were installed. The city’s engineering department has determined that since that drop was so small, the speed cushions are not necessary.

Many residents however, still complain of loud noise and dangerous speeders. They say the speed bumps are necessary to improve safety in the neighborhood.

If the City Council votes to keep the speed cushions it will cost as much as $10,000 dollars to have them permanently installed.

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