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Bloomington Council Debate Tackles I-69, Future Spending

Bloomington City Council debate

Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU News

Candidates for Bloomington City Council participate in a debate hosted by the city's League of Women Voters.

A Monday night debate for prospective members of the Bloomington City Council focused on how a limited budget will be spent during the next four years.

First District Incumbent Chris Sturbaum debated Kristopher “KC” Baker in a discussion that found the candidates generally agreeing on most issues. Their main contention though, seems to be whether the city is spending too much, with Baker arguing it does.

The five way debate for Council At-Large, a race where electors will choose three of the candidates, saw small business owner Ed Schwartzman tell the audience that even as a conservative, he is not opposed to the arts. Jennifer Mickel, the other GOP candidate on the ballot, said the city’s legal department should keep taps on county officials.

“We would be about to have them do that kind of checking,” she said,” checking up on the courts, checking up on the judges.”

All candidates weighed in on how they believe the city should react to I-69, and how to best develop the south and west sides of town.

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