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Bloomington City Council Rundown

Bloomington City Council

Photo: Gretchen Frazee/Indiana Public Media

The Bloomington City Council met for a regular meeting Wednesday, Dec. 7.

The Bloomington City Council voted on two measures Wednesday evening. Both were standard procedures. A number of proposals were introduced on first reading. Keep reading for a summary of each proposed ordinance or resolution.

  • Res 11-17  Interlocal  Agreement for Animal Shelter Operation- Approved 9-0

The city approves this agreement every year. It is an agreement between the city, Monroe County and Ellettsville to share the burden of costs for the animals the Bloomington Animal Shelter houses. Next year, the county will pay a total of $254,448 and the Town of Ellettsville will pay a total of $18,113 to Bloomington for its work.

  • Ord 11-08 Re-appropriating Funds- Approved 9-0

Some of the city’s funds had a surplus while others had a deficit. To remedy this, the city moves around some funds. It is a net zero decision for the budget. This is an annual occurrence.

Other notable first readings to be discussed at next meeting:

  • Ord 11-13  Wastewater Rate Adjustment

If approved, this ordinance would increase Bloomington residents’ sewage rate by 53 percent. This would pay for increases in operating cost expenses. You can read more about this in our previous report.

  • Ord 11-14  Additions and Improvements to the Sewage Works

Approval of this measure would allow the Bloomington Utilities Service Board to issue $18 million in new sewage works revenue bonds for “various wastewater necessities.”

  • Ord 11-20  Permission of Small Flocks of Chickens in Residential Districts 

This ordinance would allow people to own chicken inside city limits if they obtain a permit from the state. Currently, residents must obtain waivers from their neighbors and pay an annual $25 fee. This ordinance would no longer require either of those provisions.

You can also read the the full legislative packet for the Dec. 7 meeting.

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