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Bloomington City Council Likely To Postpone Parking Vote

parking sign

Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU-WTIU News

The city council ordinance would create metered parking in downtown Bloomington.

The Bloomington City Council will likely postpone a vote on the ordinance that would create metered parking downtown.

The city council was expected to take up the measure at Wednesday’s meeting, but City Council President Darryl Neher said Friday he is seeking to postpone that measure to give the council members more time to consider the proposal and alternative ideas.

“Council wishes to investigate all our options, and it wouldn’t be right to try to force this to come together in a handful of days,” Neher said in a statement.

Mayor Mark Kruzan says he supports postponing the vote.

“Earlier this week I asked people to step forward with alternative ideas, and some members on the council and some of the public have indicated they want to do so,” Kruzan said in a statement.

A majority of the city council must agree to postpone the measure.

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