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Bloomington City Council Approves 3rd Street Speed Bumps

A Bloomington City Council debate over traffic calming devices came to an end last night after the council voted 5 to 4 in favor of installing speed cushions along a section of West 3rd street in Prospect Hill.  After studying the effects of speed cushions along that street, the city’s engineering department recommended the devices were not necessary.

But neighborhood resident Scott Kellogg says that study did not take into account a number of factors.

“The street is narrower, has an incredibly high volume of traffic, and the houses are right on the street,” he says.

Council Member Darryl Neher voted against the installation of the devices. He says many residents in his district were against the speed cushions because other areas of the city need similar resources. He says West 3rd already has an appropriate amount of traffic calming devices.

“In this case you already have bump outs, chicanes that are slowing traffic, and now you’d be adding the cushions,” he says.

Bloomington’s engineering department plans to conduct another study after they are installed to determine their effectiveness.

According to the guidelines of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program the Board of Public Works must approve the plan before construction can begin.

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