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Bloomington Could Add Trash, Parking Fees In Coming Budget

Bloomington flag

Photo: Daniel Robison

City council members say paying for trash pickup may get more expensive.

Bloomington residents could see additional fees for trash collection and parking in the city’s upcoming budget. City Council members Wednesday night sought ways to fill budget shortfalls and focused their fundraising gaze on utilities and money which could be made from drivers.

Council President Tim Mayer says one of the greatest demands on the city’s budget is sanitation and recycling collection.

“One of the ideas that has been floated would be to charge each resident on their utility bill a monthly charge for trash collection,” Mayer says.

Mayer says residents currently pay $2 per can and recycling is free. But he also says some residents are disposing of their garbage in commercial areas and not paying for it – effectively forcing the city and business owners to split the bill.

Council Member Steve Volan discussed ideas about paid parking. He says the city should create parking benefit districts. Money generated from specific districts would go back into repairs and improvements for the areas where the money is collected.

He says the city could sell a fixed number of non-resident parking permits so people can park in neighborhoods that already have designated parking zones.

“If there’s any spaces going begging during the day that is potential revenue for the neighborhood to repair their brick streets, to repair their sidewalks, to bury their power lines, to add more lighting,” Volan says.

The council will address these and other issues as budget discussions continue in the coming months.

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